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Wilms M., Ha I.Y., Handels H., Heinrich M.P.
Model-based Regularisation for Respiratory Motion Estimation with Sparse Features in Image-guided Interventions
In: Ourselin S., Joskowicz L., Sabuncu M.R., Unal G., Wells W. (eds.), 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2016, Athen, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics, Springer International Publishing, 9902, 89-97, 2016
Wessel J., Heinrich M.P.
Multiple Landmark Localization in medical CT Scans using Deep Neural Networks with Heatmap Regression
In: Buzug T.M., Handels H., Klein S. (eds.), Student Conference 2018, Medical Engineering Science, Medical Informatics and Biomediacal Engineering, Lübeck, Infinite Science Publishing, 197-200, 2018
Werner R., Ehrhardt J., Schmidt R., Handels H.
Modeling Respiratory Lung Motion - A Biophysical Approach using Finite Element Methods
In: Hu X.P., Clough A.V. (eds.), Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images, SPIE Medical Imaging 2008, San Diego, Vol. 6916, 0N-1-0N-11, 2008
Werner R., Ehrhardt J., Schmidt-Richberg A., Handels H.
Model-Based Risk Assessment for Motion Effects in 3D Radiotherapy of Lung Tumors
In: Holmes D.R., Wong K.H. (eds.), Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling, SPIE Medical Imaging 2012, San Diego, California, USA, SPIE, 8316, 83160C1-83160C8, 2012
Schultz S., Handels H., Ehrhardt J.
A multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach for uncertainty quantification in deformable registration
In: Angelini E.D. (ed.), SPIE Medical Imaging 2018: Image Processing, Houston, Texas, United States, SPIE, 10574, 105740O-1-105740O-8, 2018
Schlichting S., Ingenerf J.
Modellierung von Behandlungspfaden mittels des HL7 RIM
In: Tolxdorff T., Steyer G. (eds.), Telemed 2005 - bit for bit - Halbzeit auf dem Weg zur Telematikinfrastruktur, Berlin, Aka, 302-308, 2005
Polzin T., Niethammer N., Heinrich M.P., Handels H., Modersitzki J.
Memory Efficient LDDMM for Lung CT
In: 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2016, Athen, Springer, 28-36, 2016
Mastmeyer A., Pernelle G., Barber L., Pieper S., Fortmeier D., Wells S., Handels H., Kapur T.
Model-based Catheter Segmentation in MRI-Images
In: MICCAI Workshop on Interactive Medical Image Computing, IMIC 2015, 18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2015, München, 110-117, 2015
Maier O., Handels H.
MS lesion segmentation in MRI with random forests
Proc. 2015 Longitudinal Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Challenge, 1-2, 2015
Lucas C., Kemmling A., Madany Mamlouk A., Heinrich M.P.
Multi-scale neural network for automatic segmentation of ischemic strokes on acute perfusion images
In: 2018 IEEE 15th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2018)2018 IEEE 15th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2018), Washington, DC, IEEE, 1118-1121, 2018
Linder R., Richards T., Wagner M.
Microarray Data Classified by Artifical Neural Networks
In: Rampal J.B. (ed.), Microarrays, Methods in Molecular Biology, The Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA, 345-372, 2007
Lehmann T.M., Hiltner J., Handels H.
Medizinische Bildverarbeitung
In: Lehmann T.M. (ed.), Handbuch Medizinische Informatik, München, 361-424, 2005
Landwehr L., Bouwman C., Aben J.P., Prinzen F.W., Heinrich M.P.
Myocardial Strain Measurement – A Registrational Method with Block Matching Approach–
In: Buzug T.M., Handels H. (eds.), Student Conference 2016, Medical Engineering Science and Medical Informatics, Lübeck, Infinite Science Publishing, 195-198, 2016
Ingenerf J., Andersen B.
Managing the Data Exchange Between a Service-Oriented Medical Device Architecture and Hospital Information Systems
In: 49th annual conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering (BMT 2015), Lübeck, 2015
Ingenerf J., Reiner J.
MUSTANG: Wiederverwendbare UMLS-basierte terminologische Dienste
In: Engelbrecht P. (ed.), 45. Jahrestagung der GMDS in Hannover, August 2000, München, MMV Medien & Medizin, 2000
Heinrich M.P., Papiez B.W., Schnabel J., Handels H.
Multispectral Image Registration Based on Local Canonical Correlation Analysis
In: Golland P., Hata N., Barillot C., Hornegger J., Howe R. (eds.), 17th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2014, Boston, Springer, Berlin, Part I, LNCS 8673, 202-209, 2014
Heinrich M.P., Wilms M., Handels H.
Multi-Atlas Segmentation using Patch-Based Joint Label Fusion with Non-Negative Least Squares Regression
In: MICCAI Workshop on Patch-based Techniques in Medical Imaging, Patch-MI 2015, 18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2015, München, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS Vol. 9467, 146-153, 2015
Heinrich M.P., Blendowski M.
Multi-Organ Segmentation using Vantage Point Forests and Binary Context Features
In: 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2016, Athen, Springer, 598-606, 2016
Heinrich M.P., Oster J.
MRI Whole Heart Segmentation using Discrete Nonlinear Registration and Fast Non-Local Fusion
In: International Workshop on Statistical Atlases and Computational Modeling of the Heart, Springer, Cham, 233-241, 2017
Heinrich M.P., Maier O., Handels H.
Multi-modal Multi-Atlas Segmentation using Discrete Optimisation and Self-Similarities
In: VISCERAL Anatomy3 Segmentation Challenge co-located with IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging - ISBI 2015, Procceedings, VISCERAL@ISBI 2015, CEUR-WS.org, 2015
Handels H., Pöppl S.J.
Methoden und Systeme für die bildgestützte Telediagnostik
In: Handels H., Pöppl S.J. (eds.), Lübecker Telemedizinsymposium 1999, Lübeck, Telemedizin: Grundlagen-Perspektiven-Systeme-Anwendungen, Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 1-10, 1999
Handels H., Werner R., Ehrhardt J.
Modeling and Analysis of Lung Motion Based on Spatio-Temporal CT Image Data
In: 11th Joint Korea-Germany Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing, Incheon, Korea, 2008
Handels H., Breuer U., Hahn C., Roß T.
Medizinische Bildverarbeitung und Mustererkennung
In: Lehmann T., Scholl I., Spitzer K. (eds.), Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, Aachen, Verlag der Augustinus Buchhandlung, 357-362, 1996
Handels H.
Medizinische Bildverarbeitung
Handels H., Pöppl S.J. (eds.), Reihe Medizinische Informatik, Vieweg+Teubner Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2009
Handels H.
Medizinische Bildverarbeitung und Mustererkennung - Neue Perspektiven für die bildgestützte Diagnostik und Therapie
In: Fischer S., Maehle E., Reischuk R. (eds.), Informatik 2009 - Im Fokus das Leben, Lübeck, Lecture Notes in Informatics, GI, Vol. P-154, 111-113, 2009


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