HIGHmed Junior Research Group

"Integration and Analysis of Multimodal Sensor Signals and Clinical Data for Diagnostics and Investigation of Neurological Movement Disorders" (Move Group)

The junior research group develops, implements and evaluates new methods for the integration and analysis of multimodal sensor signals and clinical data for the diagnosis and investigation of movement disorders. Thereby, the scientific objectives and the research work of the project are structured along the following three main objectives:

Objective 1 - Sensor-based acquisition, modeling of body movements:
By building a multimodal sensor platform for detailed acquisition of body movements and developing an algorithmic processing chain for sensor data fusion and feature extraction, a precise, quantitative analysis of body movements will be enabled.

Objective 2 - HiGHmed-compliant data integration and usability:
To integrate and exploit relevant sensor-based movement models and profiles for care and research processes, a data warehouse will be developed in compliance with data protection and ethical regulations and implications and linked to the UKSH MeDIC medical data integration center. 

Objective 3 - Decision support and knowledge gain with AI methods:
For the development of an AI-based decision support for the medical care of patients with movement disorders, machine learning models will be developed based on the collected multimodal movement data.