APPS Lab: Assessment of Physical and Psychological Signals

Most of the research activities in the field of Medical Data Science are carried out in the APPS Lab, which is located at the University of Lübeck. The lab is equipped with numerous sensors (SensFloor, RGB camera, depth sensors, wearables etc.), with which the behavioral and physiological signals of study participants are recorded. We generate extensive data sets of multimodal sensor data together with our cooperation partners from the fields of medicine, psychology, IT security and ethics, in controlled studies in the APPS Lab. For example, the lab uses several sensors to simultaneously record body movements in great detail in order to provide scientists and physicians who consider body movements in their research and/or care with a tool for their precise, quantitative assessment. These behavioral profiles enriched with physiological sensor measurements and clinical data (in cooperation with the IT Center for Clinical Research Lübeck) provide very detailed representations of human states, which we analyze and scientifically interpret in interdisciplinary teams (machine learning, physiotherapy, neurology, social pediatrics, pain research, psychology, nursing, IT security, data integration, ethics etc.) using the learning-based AI methods. The APPS Lab is a platform for strengthening interdisciplinary work in the field of sensor-based, human-centered pattern recognition.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcin Grzegorzek