Aligning Biobanking and DIC Efficiently (ABIDE_MI)

Project is scheduled to start in May 2021

This project aims to enable the Data Integration Centers (DIC) of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) to support research usage of biospecimens linked to routine care data, including feasibility queries via the future MII-ZARS. This is a Central Portal of the MII for the submission, management and registration of data use proposals. The project will pursue an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together the achievements and experience of the MII, the German Biobank Node (GBN) as part of the European BBMRI-ERIC biobank network and the biobanks of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) in one sustainable health IT infrastructure that will be associated with the local MII-DIC and, at a national level, a central portal fully integrated into the planned MII-ZARS. The projects will support the comprehensive alignment of German university hospital biobanks with the MII-DIC at a technical as well as a regulatory and governance level.


The work packages WP1-WP4 and WP7 include the creation of the above mentioned software components. Here the University of Lübeck (UzL) is involved in the work packages

  • WP1 "FHIR Datastore" and
  • WP2 "Feasibility Query Interface".

The work packages WP5 and WP6 serve the practical implementation at the respective location:

  • WP5: Decentral Data Store Provisioning at Participating Sites"
  • WP6: Integrating Organizational Structures at Participating Sites

The UKSH with its HiGHmed Data Integration Center (DIZ) as well as the two universities in Lübeck (UzL) and Kiel (CAU) with their respective biobank facilities are involved here.

Project Team

M.Sc. Lorenz Rosenau (ITCR-L)
M.Sc. A.-K. Kock-Schoppenhauer (ITCR-L)
Dr. M. Oberländer (ICB-L)
Prof. Dr. J. Ingenerf
and further staff of ITCR-L and ICB-L