CAWIP - Clinical Anatomy for Well-Informed Patients

The CAWIP (Clinical Anatomy for Well-Informed Patients) project will develop and evaluate a smartphone app for patient education and personalized information of colorectal cancer surgery. To illustrate conservative and/or surgical clinical treatment on the patient's body, clinicians will use the app to improve communication in conjunction with patient-specific CT or MRI images that are projected on images of the patient in an anatomical anatomical sound manner. The app uses visualization to enhance patients understanding of the disease and treatment approach, as well as potential treatment risks. During the consultation, a photo of the body is taken and the app projects the processed individual CT organ-scans onto it. In addition, the app shows corresponding anatomical/clinical explanations, etc., also with reference to the individual photo. In addition, physicians can activate illustrative videos in the app, that patients can watch at home with their relatives.

Project funding / Cooperations

The project is a cooperation with departments of the University of Oldenburg and is funded for a total period of 36 months (1.2022 - 12.2024) by the research pool of the Medical Faculty Oldenburg.