Forschungsdatenportal Gesundheit (FDPG-PLUS)

As part of the continued funding of the "Medical Informatics Initiative" (MII) and "Network University Medicine" (NUM) projects, the so-called Module 2b project "Service Unit - Terminological Services" will be funded for the next funding phase from 2023 to 2026. This is an infrastructure project for enabling other MII and/or NUM sub-projects. 

The FDPG-PLUS project (extension of the German Research Data Portal Health, FDPG) continues the development of the FDPG from the current funding phase. It builds on the previous work of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) Coordination Office and the MII ABIDE_MI project. The first phase will make extensive use of ongoing feedback from medical researchers, the public, and patients to enhance and improve FDPG functionalities and create an integrated, user-friendly, and well-accepted user interface for the various FDPG sub-portals (public showcase portal, feasibility portal, data use request management and contract management portal, transparency registry). Developments in the first phase will also take into account requirements coming from the MII Data Sharing and Interoperability Working Groups and the new MII clinical use cases funded in Module 3. These enhancements will, among other things, significantly expand the capabilities of the feasibility portal, and also continuously improve the functionality of the data use request management. In the second phase, the main goal will be to stabilize the developments and continuously operate and maintain the FDPG. Regular update cycles for operating system updates, security issue fixes, bug fixes, and minor feature enhancements will be defined. An important goal of this phase is to define the FDPG sustainability concept. The close integration of the FDPG with other components of the MII requires an overall change management and quality monitoring. UKSH is involved in work package 2.

Project Team

M.Sc. Lorenz Rosenau (ITCR-L)
M.Sc. Ann-Kristin Kock-Schopenhauer (ITCR-L)
Prof. Dr. J. Ingenerf (IMI (UzL) and UKSH, Campus Lübeck)

together with universities in Aachen, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Mannheim.