The "Rally Plus" system from Logi was installed in the IMI meeting room. The following components are included in the system shown above:

  • one motorised camera (mounted on the ceiling, PTZ = "Pan-Tilt-Zoom")
  • two loudspeakers (left and right of the projectionscreen)
  • two microphone pods (built into the table U)
  • one "Table Hub" (installed in the trolley)
  • one "Display Hub" (installed in the suspended ceiling)
  • two remote controls (next to one microphone pod and in the compartment on the trolley)

In combination with the ceiling-mounted projector and your own notebook, you can participate in hybrid video conferences or use the projector independently. An HDMI and a USB cable (USB-3 type A) are attached to the trolley. The HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI-1 input of the projector via the tablet and display hub; the USB cable is responsible for the sound (microphones and speakers) and the camera. A USB-C adapter can be found in the small compartment installed on the trolley.

On top of the container, a laptop is provided for use in video conferences. A user guide for that laptop will be provided here in a few days time.

Important rules

  • The tables may under no circumstances be moved. There is a hidden cable for the microfone pods running along the underside of the table, and there is no slack in the cable. The table legs are secured using zip ties.
  • The cables leading into the rollable table, and those coming out of the top, may under no circumstances  be put under strain. The length available in the cables is already the maximum (except for some amount needed for strain relief). We all know how finicky the projector has been in the past - a lot of that was due to the cables and connectors being subjected to too much stress. Hence, please be very careful when moving the rollable table! This way, we can use the system for much longer without replacing cables. Also, please don't pull on the cable loom for HDMI and USB, it is also as long as possible. The length of cable is sufficient to sit at the front-right seat.
  • ⚠️ Please also instruct guests on these two very important rules! ⚠️
  • Always lock the door when you are done with the meeting, that gear is expensive.
  • The remote controls (the one for the projector and at least one of the Rally remote controls) should be put in the compartment on the left side of the car; the remote control for the screen has a holder underneath. The cables for your own notebook should also be tucked into the compartment after use (if you put a remote on top of it, that will hold it too) so they don't get in the way. See a little further for a picture of how it should look.
  • The trolley is locked, it's supposed to be. The system is low-maintenance, no more than plugging the cables into the notebook is actually required.
  • In case of problems, you can unplug the power lead running to the trolley. This will restart the Table Hub, and thus hopefully restore the system to working order.
  • Susanne and Joshua have a key to the trolley.
  • If you have any problems, please note the problem encountered on the form available below the laptop.

Verwendung mit eigenem Notebook

  • Plug the HDMI cable and USB cable (with the appropriate adapter if necessary) into your notebook.
  • Switch on the projector, switch to the HDMI 1 connection if necessary.
  • Select the microphone, the speakers and the camera in the video conferencing app of your choice.
  • You can use the remote control to:
  • control the volume of the speaker
    • mute the microphones
    • move the camera (control pad) and zoom (left)
    • return the camera to its original position (button in the middle)
    • use the narrow button "1" to focus on the speaker
    • use the button "2" to focus on the speaker and the right part of the room.
  • The microphones have a button for muting.

Good to know

  • The previous wiring of the beamer to the left side of the room has been retained, so there is still a (rather fiddly) HDMI and VGA connection available.
  • The camera manages 1080p, but this does not seem to be the standard everywhere. Often, only a resolution of 720p is preset by the apps.
  • Information on the cabling and the design of the Macropad can be found in the IMI GitLab (WIP as of 2023-03-23).